A Warm Welcome to our John Lewis Partnership Suppliers

As a valued supplier to the Partnership, you will know that our brand values are built upon establishing deep, sustainable relationships with our customers and suppliers and that is how we will continue to operate.

So whether you want to share new ideas for a product, look at sales information or track payment of an invoice, you can do it all here.

Supplier Notifications

Supplier Help Portal

We have launched an interactive self-help portal for finance related queries. For access and further details, please visit www.jlpsupplierhelp.co.uk


Change of Address - John Lewis Central Offices

Please note that the address for John Lewis Central Offices is changing. From Monday 1st July, our new address will be 1 Drummond Gate, Pimlico, London, SW1V 2QQ.

As part of our change of address, we have been reviewing any documentation linked to our 171 Victoria Street address - our systems will update to reflect our new address for legal, billing and ship to information from this date.

Please take note of our new address to update your records accordingly from 1 July to reflect our new legal address


Anti-Fraud Statement

We are aware that the John Lewis Partnership brands (John Lewis and Waitrose) have been used in the past for fraudulent purposes, with imposters posing as our Partners.

Please be aware that we will only ever communicate with you using the @johnlewis.co.uk and @waitrose.co.uk email addresses. We will never ask you to provide goods or services without going through a supplier standards checklist and signing a contract. 

If you receive an email, text or telephone call asking you to pay an account, change your password and/or call an unfamiliar number, please get in touch with your usual Partnership contact directly, outside of the email, text or telephone number used.

Please ensure you verify anything which purports to come from or involve, the John Lewis Partnership.

Access sales, ticketing information and a library of reference material

Propose new products and promotions. Access the delivery standards report and reference material

View product technical information including product specifications

Get supplier information using our online self-help product portal

Manage your account, track invoices and payments

Access user guides and self-help materials 

A dedicated self-help platform for supplier finance related queries

GDPR information and requests relating to suppliers' personal data

Information required for launch, including smartsheet mandatory attributes, imagery and PDF requirements, as well as guides on legislation and key contacts