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Supplier Portal Guidelines and Image Requirements


Supplier Portal

Latest User Guide is available to view HERE.

Please refer to the above document for help and guidance on uploading imagery and videos directly to the portal    


It can be used for:

 o New images required for upcoming/future launches

 o Replacement images for products that are already live

 o Additional images (such as lifestyle shots) to be added to the existing assets

 o Video uploads

Image Requirements

The full style guidelines can be requested via the teams if needed. 

Naming Requirements:

Main images are to be named just the EAN/Stock/Model Number.

Up to 10 additional images ('alt' images) to be named EAN/Stock/Model Number followed by an order "_1" or " (1)"

Main image: 12345678

Alt image 1: 12345678_1 or 12345678 (1)

Alt image 2: 12345678_2 or 12345678 (2)

Alt image 3: 12345678_3 or 12345678 (3)



Sizing & Additional Requirements:

All images should have a resolution of between 800x800 and 7000x7000 pixels.

Images should be provided in JPEG (preferred) or TIFF format

Failure to provide images in the requested formats will lead to these images being rejected and you'll be asked to provide as per the requirements.

Portrait (3:4) should be the main format for imagery that is provided. Square crops can be accepted, however landscapes (especially for main images) are likely to be rejected or reformatted, potentially affecting the quality of the image.


Video Requirements

1. Video format required: MP4.

2. The video must be named: ‘stocknumber_vid1’ e.g ‘22459721_vid1’ or ‘EANnumber_vid1’ ‘5038775985852_vid1’

3. Videos must not contain any visual hyperlinks to external websites.

4. Videos must not include the brand logo or name at any point.

5. The video ratio should be 16:9 or 1280 pixels by 720 pixels. No file size can be specified due to varying video duration.



Timelines for imagery being processed are:

 o New images take approx 4 working days for artworking to be completed, and will go live when all information and stock is available

 o Replacement images should show online in 4 working days

 o Additional images take between 1 and 2 weeks to be visible online

 o Videos can take between 1 and 2 weeks to show online



If you want images/videos taken down/removed, please let the team know the stock number and alt so this can be requested.

PDF's must still be sent via WeTransfer

For information on how you can sign up to the portal, please contact the team inbox which you liaise with on smartsheets and online launch - contact list can be found here.


If you have technical issues that the user guides don't answer, please contact


Demo on how to upload videos