Support Material

CLP & FIR Requirements


Ensure FIRs and CLPs are completed for all Product Types that require them

CLPs and FIRs need to be provided in PDF format

Both must be named as SKU_fir1 or SKU_clp1

These are a legal requirement (where applicable) and we cannot launch online without them being provided.

PDFs take 4 working days to process, so please return these as early as possible.

Failure to complete these will lead to delays in launch.


Click below links to download a template.




  • Mother-to-Be Toiletry (if includes food/drink products)

  • Advent Calendar

  • Alcohol

  • Hot Drink Gift

  • Biscuits & Cakes Gift

  • Condiment Set

  • Confectionery Gift

  • Cook's Ingredients

  • Savoury & Preserves Gift

  • Hamper

  • Cooking Gift

  • Food Lovers Gift

  • Gift Set (if food or drink)

  • Drinks Maker (if includes food/drink products)

  • Cake Decoration (if food or drink)

  • Water Bottle (if includes food/drink products)

    Suppliements & Vitamins



  • Diffuser

  • Drawer Liners (if fragranced)

  • Ultrasonic Diffuser (if sold with solutions)

  • Paint

  • Candle

  • Candle Holder or Votive (if supplied with candle)

  • Outdoor Candle

  • Fitted Kitchen Cleaning Product

  • Technology Equipment Cleaner

  • Moisture Absorber

  • Cast Iron Pot And Pan Cleaner

  • Cleaning Product

  • Descaler

  • Pest Control

  • Window Cleaning

  • Clothes Freshener

  • Laundry Product

  • Moth Proofing Product

  • XxShoe Care Kit

  • Shoe Care