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Enrichment/Selling Attributes

The following pages provide information on which attributes are mandatory (by product type) and must be completed on the smartsheet to enable us to launch the products online.

Failure to fill in these attributes will mean the smartsheets are returned to you and may cause delays in launching the products on time.

o Beauty Attributes

o Fashion Attributes

o Home Attributes

o Tech Attributes



If you notice any product types that are not on this site, please contact the relevant email address below, as they will be able to support in getting them added:


Tech & Furniture:


Mens and Kids:




Mens & Kids SOR -

Womenswear SOR -



Some attributes are required to ensure tickets can be created accurately.

Failure to provide certain data will result in tickets that may be missing information, and lead to a confusing or disappointing shopping experience for customers.

Please ensure all mandatory attributes are completed so, where applicable, this information can be transferred onto the ticket at the point of creation.

Mandatory attributes can be located at the top of this page.